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Amish Handcrafted Wooden Quilt Hangers

Looking for something to hang your quilt? Not just any quilt hanger will do! Many people are unaware that the method you use to display your quilt can actually have damaging effects. Our quilt hangers are specially designed to safely hold your quilt without breaking fibers, permanently distorting the shape or weakening the binding of your quilt. They protect your quilt by allowing the entire weight of your quilt to be evenly distributed.

These Amish handcrafted quilt hangers are made of high quality, locally milled Tennessee Red Oak or Black Walnut. Our Amish craftsman, Eli, by trade a cabinetmaker, has added to our quilt hangers, details usually only found in fine furniture: beveled edges and hand-turned knobs. Yes, the knobs on our quilt hangers are not the usual commercially manufactured ash knobs. They are handmade of the same wood as the hanger, and have metal inserts to ensure years of durability. Your hanger may be purchased unstained or finished with quality stains and sealers.

 Use Mouse-Over to see Unstained and Stained  Oak Samples
 Use Mouse-Over to see Unstained Stained Walnut Samples

Hangers are also available unfinished or finished and in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 96 inches.

Unfinished Hangers
Oak 36″-$41.00 42″-$47.00 48″-$53.00 54″-$59.00 60″-$65.00 66″-$71.00 72″- $77.00
Walnut 36″-$44.15 42″-$50.65 48″-$57.15 54″-$63.65 60″-$70.15 Not Available due to Wood Warping
Email us if you have specific size requirements beyond those listed here.

When we finish a quilt hanger for you, everything is hand crafted.  We first disassemble the hanger and sand it with 100 grit sandpaper.  Mounting hardware holes are drilled on 16″ centers for easy  installation.  Then the hanger is stained as required, to include the knobs, which are made of the same natural wood.  Next, a coat of polyurethane is applied and allowed to dry.  Then 150 grit sandpaper is used to smooth the surface and a second coat is added.  Once dried, a final 220 grit fine sandpaper is used to  prepare the surface for a final coat of satin polyurethane completing the surface finish once it dries. Afterwards, the hanger is inspected for any flaws, then reassembled for shipping.

Finished Hangers
Oak 36″-$49.20 42″-$56.40 48″-$63.60 54″-$70.80 60″-$78.00 66″-$85.20 72″- $92.40
Walnut 36″-$53.00 42″-$60.80 48″-$68.60 54″-$76.40 60″-$84.20 Not Available due to Wood Warping
Email us if you have specific size requirements beyond those listed here.

Ordering Information

The order number is EY/O for oak or EY/W for walnut followed by the length of the hangers you need to support your quilt. EY/O42 would be a 42″ oak hanger. Your quilt hanger comes fully assembled with wall mounting directions. As with all our items, custom orders are welcome in your specific size requirements.

What size do I need?

For smaller, wall hanging size quilts, a wooden hanger should be 2″ shorter than the quilt so as not to dominate or detract from the display. For larger bed size quilts, the hanger maybe 2 to 4 inches shorter, the same size as the quilt, or extend past the actual quilt.

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Amish Handcrafted Oak Quilt Racks


Red Oak $95.00 (unfinished)

 $114.00-Finished (as shown)

When we decided to pursue adding quilt racks to our web site for our customers, we approached the best Amish furniture maker in Ethridge. He and I discussed construction and size. The rack we wanted needed to be simple for the customer to assemble. Our quilt racks are so meticulously crafted that no nails or wood screws are needed to fasten the mortised dowels.Size was another important issue for us. So many of the quilt racks in today’s market place are designed for the lighter weight of comforters. Our racks measure 36″ tall by 45″ long, making them ample for displaying two quilts at one time, or to cradle your bed quilt with minimal folding.

These furniture-quality racks are milled in Ethridge of solid Tennessee red oak or cherry, even the dowels are oak and cherry.  

Cherry – $165.00 (Unfinished)

 $195.00- Finished (as shown)

The sample photographs show the quilt racks finished in our quality stains with satin polyurethane sealer.  Or you may purchase them ‘sealed only’, which preserves the natural graining of the wood, while providing a protective finish.


For a limited time we are able to offer these quality quilt racks in solid cherry; we have only one left.

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